Antipasti & Olives

Spicy Bella di Cerignola olives


Native to southern Italy, the Bella di Cerignola olive has an elongated shape similar to that of a plum. Its flesh is firm and crisp, but not hard, and it offers a rich and flavourful taste. We have created four delicious flavours in a blend of natural oils and aromatics that can then be enjoyed in salads or in cooking, seeing how delectable and balanced they are.


Our olives are so delicious and perfect, they can be consumed on their own. In antipasti platters, they will shine next to cold cuts, artichokes and cheeses accompanied by bread, taralli, pizzas or focaccias. Our olives pair nicely with meat and fish dishes as well.

Distinctive features

Originating from northern Puglia, this variety is protected by a PDO certification due to its unique characteristics that make it one of the most popular among culinary connoisseurs. The olives are exclusively picked at the end of October by expert hands to avoid any bruising. They are then treated with soda to soften their bitterness, and washed with running water before being placed in brine. They are bright green in colour, and their rich flesh accounts for about 85% of the fruit.


Crushed green olives (Bella di Cerignola) 58.5%, Sunflower oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Hot chili pepper flavour 1%, Sea salt, Hot chili peppers, Acidifier: citric acid.

May contain: Milk, Fish, Peanuts, Tree nuts.

*Olives contain pits.


After opening, cover with oil and refrigerate.