Baking mixes

Au Pied de Cochon Dulce de leche with maple

Hot on the success of his maple condensed milk, Martin Picard introduces a new product rich with Quebec flavours: a maple dulce de leche.

There are countless ways to use it: as a topping for pancakes, toast, puddings or sliced fruit, it will make a delicious treat.

This maple dulce de leche can also be used as a condiment in your savoury recipes.

Add an original touch to your drinks by dipping a spoonful of dulce de leche in your coffee, your hot chocolate... or even a Vietnamese coffee with a kick of gin.

No need to boil a can of condensed to enjoy this South American classic with an added note of sweet maple: open the jar and savour on the spot!

Evaporated milk, liquid sugar, maple syrup, lactose.

Refrigerate after operning.