Olive Oils

Aromatic Notes Green
Artichoke Herbs Grass
Composition 100% Coratina
Harvest peeriod Early October
Altitude 150 m
Olive trees 10 000
Annual production 150 000 L
Chemical parameters Acidity 0.17%
Peroxides 5.2
Polyphenols 708

Robust intensity extra virgin olive oil


Our early harvest Ultra Premium oil features a robust taste, with herb, artichoke, chicory, rosemary and almond aromatic notes.


Extra virgin olive oil boasts an extraordinary palette of aromatic profiles, resulting from the numerous olive varieties, their origin and the olive grower’s know-how.

This early harvest olive oil features a robust taste, with herb, artichoke, chicory, rosemary and almond aromatic notes. Made exclusively with Coratina Olives from Andria in Puglia, this olive oil is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves intense flavour and rich, polyphenol-packed olive oils.

Early harvest olive oils are made from olives that are harvested earlier in the season than other olive oils. This results in a lower yield of olive oil, but the flavour is more intense because the olives are greener. Early harvest olive oils are also usually higher in polyphenols, which are antioxidants that have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and protecting against heart disease.

The intense extra-virgin olive oil's aroma pairs well with boldly flavoured dishes such as grilled meat, fish and vegetables, a dried tomato pesto, pizza and anything with bold flavoured cheeses like parmiggiano Reggiano, pecorino or gorgonzola. Pay attention to seasonings: their aromatic intensity will also influence the intensity of the oil used to bring out the flavours and harmonies in your dishes.


Designed by Michel Favuzzi, a member of the New York International Culinary Center's first class of olive oil sommeliers, our exceptional quality oils are available in three aromatic intensities: Delicate, made for chefs; Moderate, for everyday use; and Intense, as a finishing touch.

Distinctives attributes

This oil is produced near the Adriatic coast, in the town of Andria, Puglia, the same region where the Favuzzi family has its roots. Combining the Guglielmi family’s experience with the most advanced technology available to extract the oil within a few hours of harvesting guarantees a quality oil of the utmost freshness. Coratina olives are picked very early in the season, while they are still green. Although they yield a lower volume of oil, they have rich organoleptic properties and a high polyphenol content. Indeed, the Coratina, reigns supreme amongst the world’s olive varieties with the highest polyphenol concentration.


Favuzzi’s Intense oil is crafted and produced by Saverio Guglielmi, whose family business has been making superior quality olive oil since 1954. The estate comprises over 170 carefully cultivated hectares.


Andria, Apulia, Italy.


Extra virgin olive oil (Coratina olives).


Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age. It begins to alter as soon as it is produced and can become completely oxidized in just a few months if it is not stored in ideal conditions. It needs to be consumed rapidly for its full benefits to be enjoyed. To get the freshest oil on the market, choose one from the latest harvest, in a dark glass bottle. Avoid keeping the oil on the counter, exposed to light, and near the stove or other heat sources. Instead, store it in a cool, dry place. Close the bottle tightly after use to avoid exposing the oil to air, and consume within three months of opening.

This family business has been producing high quality 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil since 1954. Today, the two sons of the founder have taken over the running of the mill together with the grandson, Saverio Guglielmi. The estate covers an area of over 170 carefully cultivated hectares. The company's philosophy is to combine ancient traditions with the real needs and expectations of consumers to offer a product that stands out for its unique properties and characteristic taste.

Thanks to the combination of experience and the most advanced technology, the extraction system process ensures a high quality standard product, through the monitoring and control of every single stage within 12 hours of the harvesting of native Apulian olives. Hence, an Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil of incomparable chemical and organoleptic characteristics. Guglielmi has been recognized by the Flos Olei Guide and won a Silver Award at the 2017 NYIOCC.